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Adrian Georgescu, 07/05/2012 11:58 am

Platform Software

SIP2SIP is built based on SIP Thor distributed architecture using the following software components:

OpenSIPS SIP server http://opensips.org
OpenXCAP Presence Policy server http://openxcap.org
MSRPRelay MSRP media relay http://msrprelay.ag-projects.com
MediaProxy RTP media relay http://mediaproxy-ng.org
CDRTool Rating engine http://cdrtool.ag-projects.com
CallControl Prepaid engine http://callcontrol.ag-projects.com
SylkServer Conference Server and XMPP Gateway http://sylkserver.com
Asterisk Voicemail Server http://asterisk.org

SIMPLE-Server.png (76.1 kB) Adrian Georgescu, 05/18/2009 09:23 am