Blink Qt 0.8.0 for Window Linux with file transfer support

Added by Adrian Georgescu about 9 years ago

Blink Qt 0.8.0 for Windows has been released with multiparty conferencing support (MSRP Switch and conference information package)

April 11th, 2014

  • Added file transfer support using MSRP protocol
  • Added chat themes support
  • Added chat preferences
  • Added quick setting for playing message alerts
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for different windows
  • Added option for auto-accepting chat from known contacts
  • Rearranged menus in the main window
  • Refactored history menu
  • Improved displaying the account states in preferences and the main window
  • Save conference rooms in combobox history and limit it to 20 entries
  • Fixed unwanted selection switching when sessions were ended
  • Fixed using correct avatar and display name for received chat messages
  • Fixed updating toolbar buttons when changing sessions and allow hold early
  • Fixed using secondary ringtone when adding chat to an audio session
  • Fixed playing hold tone when switching sessions
  • Fixed playing tones when streams are cancelled
  • Fixed incoming dialog margins
  • Fixed processing DTMF tones
  • Close dialog if session is ended while in a proposal
  • Only remove the TLS certificate if it's in the application data directory
  • Play sound for received chat messages, if enabled
  • Do not play the hangup tone for sessions without audio
  • Do not close all windows when closing the main window

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