Blink Qt 0.8.0 for Window Linux with file transfer support

Added by Adrian Georgescu about 10 years ago

Blink Qt 0.8.0 for Windows has been released with multiparty conferencing support (MSRP Switch and conference information package)

April 11th, 2014

  • Added file transfer support using MSRP protocol
  • Added chat themes support
  • Added chat preferences
  • Added quick setting for playing message alerts
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for different windows
  • Added option for auto-accepting chat from known contacts
  • Rearranged menus in the main window
  • Refactored history menu
  • Improved displaying the account states in preferences and the main window
  • Save conference rooms in combobox history and limit it to 20 entries
  • Fixed unwanted selection switching when sessions were ended
  • Fixed using correct avatar and display name for received chat messages
  • Fixed updating toolbar buttons when changing sessions and allow hold early
  • Fixed using secondary ringtone when adding chat to an audio session
  • Fixed playing hold tone when switching sessions
  • Fixed playing tones when streams are cancelled
  • Fixed incoming dialog margins
  • Fixed processing DTMF tones
  • Close dialog if session is ended while in a proposal
  • Only remove the TLS certificate if it's in the application data directory
  • Play sound for received chat messages, if enabled
  • Do not play the hangup tone for sessions without audio
  • Do not close all windows when closing the main window

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