This website provides access to various software projects developed and maintained by AG Projects.


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Latest projects

  • sylkrtc.js (07/16/2015 11:03 am)

    JavaScript client for SylkServer WebRTC gateway

    GitHub mirror: https://github.com/AGProjects/sylkrtc.js

  • python-eventlib (10/11/2012 10:20 am)

    Eventlet is a networking library written in Python. It achieves high scalability by using non-blocking io while at the same time retaining high programmer usability by using coroutines to make the non-blocking io operations appear blocking at the source code level....

  • Blink Cocoa (06/25/2012 09:32 am)

    A state of the art, easy to use SIP client for MacOSX. Blink comes in two flavors Blink Lite and Blink Pro both available in the Mac App Store.

  • SIP Clients (06/05/2012 10:13 am)

    To test SIP SIMPLE client SDK (http://sipsimpleclient.org), a set of command line tools are provided by this package for setting up Audio, Instant Messaging (IM) and File Transfer sessions, Publish and Subscribe for presence or other events.

  • Documentation (05/10/2012 04:50 pm)

    This projects holds documentation for AG Projects products and services.