SylkServer 3.0.0 with WebRTC support

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 9 years ago


sylkserver (3.0.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Added WebRTC gateway application
  • Switch to using listenSSL
  • Make main web server logging less verbose
  • Fix initializing Path datatype
  • Rework how services are published in SIPThor
  • Install all sample configuration files
  • xmppgateway: make factories not noisy
  • Add systemd unit file
  • Improved Debian package creation
  • Added build dependency on dh-python

Home page:

Client software

  • SylkRTC API — specification of the API implemented by SylkServer WebRTC gateway
  • sylkrtc.js — a JavaScript client library implementing SylkRTC API, for embedding it into a web application
  • Live deployment on