SylkServer 3.1.0 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

sylkserver (3.1.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Fixed default web port in sample config file
  • Terminate connections if backend goes down
  • webrtc: fix navbar rounded corners in test app
  • Update bundled sylkrtc.js library
  • webrtc: show remote party in test app
  • Improve error messages for API call errors
  • Exit with a a non-zero exit code if engine failed
  • Update README with WebRTC related information
  • Added 'missed_session' event
  • Added webrtc_gateway_url settings for conference rooms
  • Adapt to changes in SIP SIMPLE SDK
  • Raised python-sipsimple dependency
  • Updated Janus config to match new version
  • Raised Janus version dependency
  • webrtc: add display name support for incoming and missed calls