SIP SIMPLE client SDK 3.0.0

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

python-sipsimple (3.0.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Added OTR encryption support in the chat stream
  • Use openfile where we need control over the file creation
  • Use defaultweakobjectmap defined in python-application
  • Simplified verifying the transferred file's hash
  • Added FileSelectorHash class to simplify code and improve readability
  • Fixed recovering session state in certain failure conditions
  • Do not wait for notifications if we couldn't notify transfer progress
  • Capture unhandled exceptions and log errors from new_from_sdp
  • Capture errors while parsing the file selector
  • Handle the MedisStreamDidNotInitialize notification when adding streams
  • Read code and reason from the notification when posting SIPSessionDidFail
  • Don't rely on the failure reason being set for failed transfers
  • Modified the SimplePayload and CPIMPayload to only work with bytes
  • Handle parsing errors for is-composing documents
  • Added package info module
  • Fixed MediaStreamBase not posting MediaStreamDidNotInitialize sometimes
  • Remove transfer_source from notifications
  • Set transfer origin to the remote identity if Referred-By is missing
  • Don't add a Referred-By header if it wasn't specified
  • Handle exception when closing a file that is being read in another thread
  • Prevent Session.transfer from being called while a transfer is in progress
  • Changed default transfer reject code from 486 (Busy) to 603 (Decline)
  • Protect SIPPublicationWillExpire from being called by an older publication
  • Handle race condition where state is SameState for initial PUBLISH
  • Remove bundled RFC/draft files
  • zrtp: prefer standard AES to Twofish cipher
  • Log Engine failures using application.log
  • Set locks to NULL after destroying them
  • pjsip: fix compilation warnings with recent versions of FFmpeg
  • pjsip: removed unused files
  • pjsip: update to revision 5249
  • Always build pjsip in non-debug mode
  • Avoid running timers if subscription dialog was destroyed
  • Suppress some compilation warnings
  • Avoid lockups on Engine shutdown
  • Post notification when SIPApplication gets a fatal error