SylkServer 3.2.0 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

sylkserver (3.2.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Fix per-room pstn_access_numbers setting
  • Fixup leftover old streams API usage
  • webrtcgateway: skip 'detached' event
  • Update references, some of the drafts are now RFCs
  • Fix overriding local_uri for MSRP streams
  • Fix sending XMPP messages after API changes
  • Fix method name
  • webrtcgateway: enable WebSocket pinging
  • Un-vendor Klein
  • Disable i/o buffering when running with systemd
  • Fix access to MediaStreamRegistry after SDK upgrade
  • Make the Jingle MediaStreamRegistry analogous to the SIP one
  • Catch exceptions when accepting incoming subscriptions
  • Don't set GnuTLS compression parameters
  • Adapt to API changes in SIPThor
  • Several code style improvements
  • Log errors when setting up streams in new_from_sdp
  • Remove mismatched HTML closing tag
  • Handle parsing errors for is-composing payload
  • Reject incoming sessions with a Replaces header
  • Fixed compatibility with AutoBahn >= 0.12
  • webrtcgateway: enable optional SRTP-SDES for outgoing calls
  • Adapted to changes in SIPSIMPLE SDK 3.0.0
  • Update INSTALL
  • Use collections.Counter instead of a custom defaultdict
  • Simplified logic for starting server
  • Added command line option for memory debugging
  • Adapt to transpoert API change in Jingle streams
  • Use new notification to listen for Engine failures
  • Forcefully exit if we fail to start TLS
  • Join the Engine thread just for 5 seconds
  • xmppgateway: fix unicode error when sending MSRP chunks