Blink Qt 0.5.0 for Linux with Opus codec

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 10 years ago

Changelog blink (0.5.0)

  • Adapted to changes in SIP SIMPLE Client SDK
  • Enabled Opus codec
  • Refactored PresencePublicationHandler in order to simplify it
  • Set default sample rate to 32 kHz
  • Fixed exception if Google contact has no name nor company
  • Fixed handling file URLs on different platforms
  • Fixed losing contact icons
  • Fixed computing hours in history entries
  • Fixed setting display name in history entry when URI is a phone number
  • Avoid publishing presence state twice when xcap settings change
  • Allow Ctrl+Delete/Backspace to hangup sessions because KDE steals Ctrl+Esc
  • Raise and activate preferences window when triggered if already visible
  • Do not allow toolbar to be hidden
  • Removed compatibility with python 2.6

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