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h1. Help for Blink Pro on MacOSX
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Blink allows you to communicate in real time over the Internet. To use Blink you need a SIP account from a SIP service provider. Same like using an email program, you must configure Blink with the account you have obtained from your service provider. If things do not work they way you expect, the reasons can be caused mainly by two things, one is Blink software itself and the another one is the communication with the SIP Service Provider. 
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While Blink may not be bug free, most of the problems you encounter when using Blink are related to the network communication with the SIP Service Provider. It is not the end-user who should understand the mechanics about how things work, so the main responsibility of making sure that things work correct falls into the hands of the SIP service provider who must properly setup its SIP infrastructure and support its user base.
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h2. Refund Policy
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Mac App Store does not provide refunds. If you purchased an application that do not like you are stuck with it. If you are not happy with this policy is Apple you must complain to, not us.
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h2. Service Provider Problems
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If you encounter connectivity problems like inability to receive incoming calls or failure to make outbound calls, you can find the reason by going to _Menu Window -> Logs -> SIP_. You should contact your SIP Service Provider and provide it with the information obtained from Blink logs.
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h2. Software Problems
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To report a problem, send an email to Please paste the relevant logs as explained below.
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You can also check the history of the public Blink Support Forum.
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h3. Critical Errors
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If you experience a software crash, please send the complete crash report available in the crash reporter window (just copy and paste from it). Crash reports are saved in _~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/_.
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h3. Non-Critical Errors
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Non-critical programming errors are logged in the system log file _/var/log/system.log._ You can isolate the entries by opening _Applications -> Utilities -> Console_, selecting _LOG FILES -> system.log_ and typing Blink in the search bar. Please provide us with this information when you report the problem you encountered.
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h3. Configuration File
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Blink accounts and settings are stored in a flat-text configuration file. The location of the configuration file is _~/Library/Application Support/Blink Pro/config_. Do not edit this file manually. If you did and Blink does not start you must delete the file and start all over again.
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Please report your OS name and version and Blink version. You can find Blink version in menu _Blink -> About_.