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Adrian Georgescu, 06/06/2013 12:03 pm

Most Encountered Problems

Request Timeout (408)

This means that Blink is not able to communicate with the SIP server. Several reasons can cause this:

  • Incorrect account configuration (wrong SIP Proxy address) - you can fix this yourself by changing the account information
  • Software firewall installed on computer blocking the software - you can check or fix this by asking the system administrator
  • Network firewall blocking traffic - you can check or fix this by asking the network administrator
  • SIP Server does not answer - you must ask for support the SIP service provider and provide them the SIP trace

How to troubleshoot this?

  • You can eliminate some of the possible causes by using a SIP account provided by Blink. For this add a new SIP account in Blink and select Create a Free Account option.
  • Check the Logs from menu Windows -> Logs -> SIP. Make a call and provide the logs to your service provider