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Adrian Georgescu, 06/06/2013 12:16 pm

Most Encountered Problems

Request Timeout (408)

This means that Blink is not able to communicate with the SIP server. Several reasons can cause this:

  • Incorrect account configuration (wrong SIP Proxy address) - you can fix this yourself by changing the account information
  • Software firewall installed on computer blocking the software - you can check or fix this by asking the system administrator
  • Network firewall blocking traffic - you can check or fix this by asking the network administrator
  • SIP Server does not answer - you must ask for support the SIP service provider and provide them the SIP trace

It is possible that other software works while Blink does not. Possible causes are:

  • A configuration issue (e.g. the server does not accept a codec proposed by Blink and instead of refusing the call using a proper code, it simply does not answer)
  • This is bold statement but we have seen it so many times. Two broken devices can work well together until one gets fixes or a newer is brought in. We have seen many cases where both the client and server were old and buggy but worked well with each other. Blink is newer software that emerged after standards have been matured and we put lot of effort into making it work correctly according to the standards, while we may have not achieved 100% correctness, we still do better than many older implementations that implemented the standards before they were in a final shape. If this is the case or not, the SIP trace can indicate whether Blink or the other server or device is wrong. If Blink got it wrong we can fix it, just report the problem to the mailing list.

How to troubleshoot this?

  • You can eliminate some of the possible causes by using a SIP account provided by Blink. For this add a new SIP account in Blink and select Create a Free Account option.
  • Check the Logs from menu Windows -> Logs -> SIP. Make a call and provide the logs to your service provider.

Time Machine Backups

Many people reported issues with re-installing Blink from Time Machine. This issue has nothing to with Blink but with Apple Store and Time Machine. Nevertheless you can solve it by purging completely Blink and re-installing it again. Delete the following files:

  • /Applications/Blink Pro
  • ~/Library/Containers/com.agprojects.Blink/
  • ~/Library/Preferences/com.agprojects.Blink.plist