Usage guides

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h1. SIP Platform Documentation

These guides are available to customers who purchased and installed AG Projects SIP platforms at their location as well as users of SIP2SIP platform operated by AG Projects.

| *Guide* | *Description* |
| [[Routing guide]] | Call flows |
| [[Provisioning guide]] | How to provision data |
| [[Accounting guide]] | How to extract usage information |
| [[Obtaining support]] | How to troubleshoot and request support |
| {{wiki(pguides,ConfigurationGuide,Configuration guide)}} | How to configure features |
| {{wiki(pguides, OperationsGuide,Operations Guide)}} | How to do day-to-day operations |
| [[Blink-MSP-Integration| Blink Integration]] |How to integrate Blink SIP client|

h2. Hardware Requirements

|| *MSP* | *SIP Thor* |
| Production platform | 6 - 12 servers | 10 servers per data center|
| Test platform | 3 servers | 4 servers |

Hardware profile:

h3. Database nodes

* 32GB RAM, 4TB hard-disk, Quad core CPU

h3. Regular nodes

* 8GB RAM, 500GB hard-disk, Dual core CPU

h3. Virtual machines

Virtual machines must not be used for nodes that run real time protocols like SIP or RTP, as they both require real-clock that behaves deterministically under load. For not real-time tasks like web portals, provisioning requests, CDR mediation virtual machines can be used.

h2. Installation Guides

These guides are available only to customers who purchased and installed the platform at their location.

| *Multimedia Service Platform* | *SIP Thor* |
| Suitable for maximum 30K accounts| Suitable for above 30K accounts|
| All servers in one location| Servers distributed in multiple locations|
|[[MSPDescription|Description]]| [[SipThorDescription|Description]] |
|{{wiki(pguides,MSPPreparations,Preparations)}}| {{wiki(pguides, SipThorPreparations,Preparations)}} |
|{{wiki(pguides,MSPInstallation,Installation)}} | {{wiki(pguides, SipThorInstallation,Installation)}} |
|{{wiki(pguides,MSPUpgrade,Upgrade)}}|{{wiki(pguides,MSPUpgrade,Upgrade)}} |

h2. Components

|Call Control||