Software Candidates Analysis

In this phase existing XMPP libraries will be analyzed and one will be chosen to be used throughout the project.


  • Written in Python (C/C++ could also be used, but a wrapper would need to be written)
  • Support for XMPP server and/or component
  • Ability to use it with the current model used by SylkServer
    • Green threads
    • Asynchronous IO

Software Libraries Evaluation

The following aspects were considered when evaluating a given library:

  • Met requirements stated above
  • Is it actively maintained?
  • Example use cases
  • Deployments in real-world scenarios
  • Perceived complexity to integrate it with SylkServer architecture

List on

Selected XMPP library

After analyzing candidate libraries Wokkel was the chosen one for the following reasons:

  • Implemented on top of Twisted, which makes integration with SylkServer straightforward
  • Support for both component and XMPP server models, allowing for flexibility in implementation

  • Plugin architecture, 'subprotocols' implementing different XEPs
  • Client and server component support
  • XMPP server-to-server support (s2s)
  • Designed to be used with Twisted (reactor model)
  • Active development

Selected SIP Library

SIP SIMPLE SDK used by SylkServer