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09:39 pm SIP2SIP Defect #3017: re-invite problems?
This issue may be closed. I've been able to call the VUC from sip2sip for two consecutive weeks, after disabling opus...


05:33 pm SIP2SIP Defect #3017: re-invite problems?
Thanks for the update. Disabling the opus codec all together will result in a
successful re-invite.
I h...


08:44 pm SIP2SIP Defect #3017 (New): re-invite problems?
Why does the audio stop playing when I call and press 2? The purpose of pressing 2 is...


03:15 pm SIP2SIP Defect #3005: webrtc client without DTMF
Where is your to do list?


09:35 pm SIP2SIP Defect #2925: Outgoing google-voice calls (Google Voice through IPKall through sip2sip) getting d...
Alex Cee wrote:
> After some searching, turns out it *might* be due to sip2sip isn't playing nice with Groundwire's...
09:28 pm SIP2SIP Defect #2973: My calls dropped after one ring
Melissa Nembhard wrote:
> My calls go to voice mail after one ring. Can you help me to fix it? Its not ringing when ...
09:24 pm SIP2SIP Defect #2953: ATA cannot login. Problem connecting voice
Lee Davis wrote:
> My Grandstream 286 cannot login to Sip2sip. I have 2 of them, tried them both neither can connec...
09:12 pm SIP2SIP Defect #3005 (Closed): webrtc client without DTMF
Really happy to see this project:
However, I don't see a way to enter DTMF i...


09:18 pm SIP2SIP Defect #2509 (Closed): Update Wiki Request
Hi sip2sip People,
I am requesting the document be updated with the correct settings when using TLS on Bria.


03:48 am SIP2SIP Defect #2505 (Closed): Media call transport
Hi Support,
I'm happy to see that sip2sip support a signaling transport protocol of TLS, but does that mean the me...

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