SylkServer: SylkServer 3.3.0 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 8 years ago

sylkserver (3.3.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • webrtcgateway: refactor API message handling
  • webrtcgateway: reorganize models
  • webrtcgateway: add support for setting account display name
  • webrtcgateway: remove obsolete sylkrtc test application
  • webrtcgateway: add ability to customize User Agent
  • Raised Janus version dependency
  • Update Janus configuration

SylkServer: SylkServer 3.2.0 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

sylkserver (3.2.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Fix per-room pstn_access_numbers setting
  • Fixup leftover old streams API usage
  • webrtcgateway: skip 'detached' event
  • Update references, some of the drafts are now RFCs
  • Fix overriding local_uri for MSRP streams
  • Fix sending XMPP messages after API changes
  • Fix method name
  • webrtcgateway: enable WebSocket pinging
  • Un-vendor Klein
  • Disable i/o buffering when running with systemd
  • Fix access to MediaStreamRegistry after SDK upgrade
  • Make the Jingle MediaStreamRegistry analogous to the SIP one
  • Catch exceptions when accepting incoming subscriptions
  • Don't set GnuTLS compression parameters
  • Adapt to API changes in SIPThor
  • Several code style improvements
  • Log errors when setting up streams in new_from_sdp
  • Remove mismatched HTML closing tag
  • Handle parsing errors for is-composing payload
  • Reject incoming sessions with a Replaces header
  • Fixed compatibility with AutoBahn >= 0.12
  • webrtcgateway: enable optional SRTP-SDES for outgoing calls
  • Adapted to changes in SIPSIMPLE SDK 3.0.0
  • Update INSTALL
  • Use collections.Counter instead of a custom defaultdict
  • Simplified logic for starting server
  • Added command line option for memory debugging
  • Adapt to transpoert API change in Jingle streams
  • Use new notification to listen for Engine failures
  • Forcefully exit if we fail to start TLS
  • Join the Engine thread just for 5 seconds
  • xmppgateway: fix unicode error when sending MSRP chunks

SIP SIMPLE Client SDK: SIP SIMPLE client SDK 3.0.0

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

python-sipsimple (3.0.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Added OTR encryption support in the chat stream
  • Use openfile where we need control over the file creation
  • Use defaultweakobjectmap defined in python-application
  • Simplified verifying the transferred file's hash
  • Added FileSelectorHash class to simplify code and improve readability
  • Fixed recovering session state in certain failure conditions
  • Do not wait for notifications if we couldn't notify transfer progress
  • Capture unhandled exceptions and log errors from new_from_sdp
  • Capture errors while parsing the file selector
  • Handle the MedisStreamDidNotInitialize notification when adding streams
  • Read code and reason from the notification when posting SIPSessionDidFail
  • Don't rely on the failure reason being set for failed transfers
  • Modified the SimplePayload and CPIMPayload to only work with bytes
  • Handle parsing errors for is-composing documents
  • Added package info module
  • Fixed MediaStreamBase not posting MediaStreamDidNotInitialize sometimes
  • Remove transfer_source from notifications
  • Set transfer origin to the remote identity if Referred-By is missing
  • Don't add a Referred-By header if it wasn't specified
  • Handle exception when closing a file that is being read in another thread
  • Prevent Session.transfer from being called while a transfer is in progress
  • Changed default transfer reject code from 486 (Busy) to 603 (Decline)
  • Protect SIPPublicationWillExpire from being called by an older publication
  • Handle race condition where state is SameState for initial PUBLISH
  • Remove bundled RFC/draft files
  • zrtp: prefer standard AES to Twofish cipher
  • Log Engine failures using application.log
  • Set locks to NULL after destroying them
  • pjsip: fix compilation warnings with recent versions of FFmpeg
  • pjsip: removed unused files
  • pjsip: update to revision 5249
  • Always build pjsip in non-debug mode
  • Avoid running timers if subscription dialog was destroyed
  • Suppress some compilation warnings
  • Avoid lockups on Engine shutdown
  • Post notification when SIPApplication gets a fatal error

Blink Qt: Blink Qt 2.0.0 for Linux released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

This version introduces new features, Call Transfer and OTR encryption for chat sessions

blink (2.0.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Use identity check for marker
  • Use defaultweakobjectmap from python-application
  • Multiple internal code improvements/cleanups and PEP-8 compliance fixes
  • Open stdout/stderr in unbuffered mode when frozen
  • Enhanced detection of the application resources directory
  • Fixed file transfer status if not answer is received
  • Don't rely on a failed transfer reason being set
  • Simplified update_ringtone logic and made it more readable
  • Show/hide stream icons in a single place in the code
  • Automated incoming dialog slot allocation
  • Simplified updating ringtones on session state changes
  • Added new notification when a blink session is created
  • Improved tracking of blink sessions from the session manager
  • Refactored BlinkSession inheritance and event signaling
  • Post the session creation notifications after instantiation only
  • Fixed file transfer indicator minimum width
  • Fixed condition for outgoing file transfers
  • Fixed race condition in the automatic ZRTP SAS validation
  • Fixed spurious ringtone delay in certain cases
  • Do not allow dialing contacts without URIs
  • Simplified logic of resetting statuses with limited lifetimes
  • Added context attribute to status messages
  • Prevent the status message from shifting left/right when duration changes
  • Added a separate UI file for the dragged audio session
  • Added a finished signal to incoming requests
  • Prevent the dragged audio session widget's content from overflowing
  • Fixed tooltip for reject button
  • Adjusted note text breaking points
  • Implemented call transfer
  • Make sure the gradient color position is in the 0..1 range
  • Removed export info from svg files
  • Added icons for modifier keys
  • Fixed conditions tested for displaying transfer status messages
  • Fixed processing of the incoming dialog signals
  • Optimized transfer failure status message for space
  • Removed unnecessary character escaping
  • Reset chat input text formatting between messages
  • Removed Dark style variant from the Smooth Operator theme
  • Synced widget height in code and the UI file
  • Fixed ZRTP widget role properties to be not translatable
  • Adjusted ZRTPWidget colors to be more readable
  • Added encryption and OTR related attributes to ChatStreamInfo
  • Added OTR encryption support for chat
  • Added switch icon
  • Show a modal dialog if the application gets a fatal error and exit
  • Removed copyright and license notices from the top of every source file
  • Fixed potentially uninitialized data variable
  • Added info module
  • Updated docs
  • Fixed error in debian changelog trailing lines
  • Added debian files to
  • Updated debian package dependencies

Blink Qt: Blink Qt 1.4.2 for Linux released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

blink (1.4.2) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Fixed unicode problem with certain locales
  • Fixed issue with non-ascii home directories on UNIX platforms
  • Fixed fonts in the chat web view
  • Updated Linux installation instructions
  • Adapted to the latest changes in python-sipsimple
  • Fixed bug with retrying file transfers after restarting blink
  • Raised python-sipsimple version dependency

SylkServer: SylkServer 3.1.0 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

sylkserver (3.1.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Fixed default web port in sample config file
  • Terminate connections if backend goes down
  • webrtc: fix navbar rounded corners in test app
  • Update bundled sylkrtc.js library
  • webrtc: show remote party in test app
  • Improve error messages for API call errors
  • Exit with a a non-zero exit code if engine failed
  • Update README with WebRTC related information
  • Added 'missed_session' event
  • Added webrtc_gateway_url settings for conference rooms
  • Adapt to changes in SIP SIMPLE SDK
  • Raised python-sipsimple dependency
  • Updated Janus config to match new version
  • Raised Janus version dependency
  • webrtc: add display name support for incoming and missed calls

SIP SIMPLE Client SDK: SIP SIMPLE client SDK 2.5.0

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 8 years ago

New version with VP8 codec and several fixes

  • Added VP8 video codec support
  • Added basic RTCP PLI support, used for requesting keyframes
  • Fixed crash when handling bogus Opus packets
  • Simplified registering audio codecs in the core
  • Handle socket errors when fetching XCAP documents
  • Fixed several compilation warnings
  • Added python-application as a build dependency
  • Fixed getting file offset on Windows

SylkServer: SylkServer 3.0.0 with WebRTC support

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 9 years ago


sylkserver (3.0.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Added WebRTC gateway application
  • Switch to using listenSSL
  • Make main web server logging less verbose
  • Fix initializing Path datatype
  • Rework how services are published in SIPThor
  • Install all sample configuration files
  • xmppgateway: make factories not noisy
  • Add systemd unit file
  • Improved Debian package creation
  • Added build dependency on dh-python

Home page:

Client software

  • SylkRTC API — specification of the API implemented by SylkServer WebRTC gateway
  • sylkrtc.js — a JavaScript client library implementing SylkRTC API, for embedding it into a web application
  • Live deployment on

SIP2SIP: WebRTC service

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 9 years ago

We are currently enhancing our infrastructure to allow web applications to connected as a regular SIP client. Stay tuned...

SylkServer: WebRTC gateway

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 9 years ago

SylkServer next iteration features WebRTC gateway application allowing web based applications to interoperate transparently with SIP and XMPP domains.

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